Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bing Ranking

Besides Google, Bing is a major search engine giant which should not be ignored by webmasters or business owners. When we receive query from customers their number one priority is Google. However, optimizing a website for Google can take a considerable amount of time. Instead business owners can first start optimizing website for both Google as well as Bing. The results on Bing will start to show quick as compared to Google. Moreover, there are plenty of customers who are searching Bing each and every day. If you are not listed on top of Bing, you are surely loosing your potential clients who are active on Bing.

Many website owners believe that if their website is ranking on top of Google, it will rank higher on Yahoo as well as Bing. However, this is not the case. Different search engines give preferences to different aspects of SEO.

Google gives more preference to a balanced SEO effort where your Off-Page SEO and On-Page SEO synchronize with each other. If you are offering website design services and you are getting backlinks with anchors such as “stock trading” then google is going to look suspiciously at your SEO efforts. Straightforwardly, it will frown upon seeing such off-site SEO.

On the other hand Yahoo/Bing tend to ignore such off-page SEO efforts. Google is more vulnerable to being manipulated by competitors whereas Yahoo/Bing are not.

Bing Likes Following:

  • Bing Likes Older Domains
  • It prefers Keywords in TITLE and URL
  • Choosing right set of keywords for your business
  • Write content for people and not robots. It implies that your content should be specifically optimized for certain set of keywords.
  • Using a variety of anchor texts rather than sticking with 1-2 keywords alone.
  • Make use of Microdata.
  • Registering your business locally on Bing if your business caters to local customers.

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