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Noticed several changes today that shows major proof of a Google Panda Penguin search update. In according with these norms, many other SEO webmasters are displaying their concerns on webmaster world and other forums as to whether an update has happened or not.

Rankings changes have definitely been noticed for many websites. Regarding Ranks India all have been confident, but I can’t say the same for other websites in the world. In reading webmaster world forums many site owners are facing ranking reductions and being de-indexed from Google search at the moment.

On checking the client rankings I saw maximum local ranking factors had vanished and been swapped with organic results. It is strange to me why Google would do this because they are trying to make search results more comfortable and localized. However, just because there were no local results being shown does not mean the results aren’t localized and impressive. If you check results that used to show local, on the first page you will find local results mixed in with organic results. Pages after page one are usually the global results.

Webmaster Tools
The Google webmaster tool has been updated and website owners are seeing better linking reports from Google. Could this be the cause of the variation? I think not because Google has always known about these links whether they want to show us the results or not.

Penguin Recovery / Panda Recovery
All in all you will not need to adjustment your current strategy unless you have skilled major ranking changes in the search engines. From what I have been hearing and seeing is if that you publish to many pages in a small period all based around the same topic this will raise a flag to Google. Linking to low quality sites, repeated money anchors text for linking, buying links results in Penguin penalty.

Ranks India-Panda Recovery/Penguin Recovery India
Have you been hurt by the latest Google updates, Panda or Penguin? Ranks India can fix your website & increase website traffic through our Panda Penguin Recovery techniques. Ranks India is a top SEO Company, delivering outstanding and result-focused SEO services for over a decade and a half now. The company has sincerely taken notice of every change and modification in the algorithms of leading search engines-Google, Yahoo & Bing. We guarantee to provide fully Google Panda & Penguin Compliant SEO Services so that we can deliver on our promise of Guaranteed Top 10 search engine rankings. Our experts do offer certain techniques to pass the ‘litmus test’ as conducted by Google robot but few can offer a complete solution on how to come out as a winner and retain one’s deserved ranking in search engine result pages (SERP’s). Whenever there is a Panda or Penguin update, poor quality websites face the brunt of such updates

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