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Raise Your Website Traffic and Value of Sales by Using 25 eCommerce SEO Tips

Certainly, constant updates from Google hurts every online business, especially eCommerce. However, here are 25 astonishing eCommerce SEO tips which help an eCommerce business yo boost its organic search engine traffic.

Make Your Products Easily Visible- If the products and services you are offering are displayed on your website in such a way in which they are properly visible, then, the website will surely witness increased traffic and probably increased sales as well. 

This can be done by placing your credentials not more than 3 clicks away of your homepage as a homepage is considered as an important asset for a web-based business and the main source of PageRank.

Captivating Title Tags are a Must- The title tags on a webpage are considered as a crucial part of your SEO as these have to be typical search term for the product or service which you are offering.

Use Google AdWords to Find the Right KeyWord or Key Phrase- Google AdWords is a free of cost tool launched by Google to conduct an appropriate research to find the most suited keywords for your eCommerce business. 

To find the best keyword for a given product, all you need to do is type the search phrase which you are thinking of using for your product. For example, you want to use “youth snowmobiles” as your keyphrase.

But, the keyword tool reveals that this keyword phrase is very competitive, but generates only 400 searches per month. Hence, “youth snowmobiles” might not be the best keyphrase to use. If you scroll down the list shown up by the keyword tool, you will get “kids snowmobiles” which has a similar amount of competition, but it generates almost 2,000 searches per month. This keyphrase can be considered as a little closer to the mark. But, further you get “mini snowmobile” which has the same number of searches per month as “kids snowmobiles”, but the competition is significantly lower. So, you have found an excellent keyphrase to use.

Modify Webpage's Names- Some eCommerce websites automatically gave your wepages strange names, such as “”. You are advised to change your settings for creating links that include your keyword-rich title tag.

Products Tagging- For each and every product and service you offer, add relevant tags that link back to similar products.

Offer Free Resources- Factually, both your customers as well as search engines will appreciate if you offer certain additions to your services. Like, in keeping with the snowmobile example, one free plus you could offer is free articles on snowmobile safety.

Make a Blog- Just as offering free articles about snowmobiles, you could also make a blog for your own company in which you offer reviews, product maintenance tips, vacation ideas and everything else related to your product.

Post a Press Release- Back links are equally important for an eCommerce website as for any other website. Hence, if you have started a blog, just write a press release about it and spread it all over the Web. 
If you introducing a new type of product in the market, write a press release about that. If your product has a special safety guarantee, write a press release.

Write Articles- Just like press releases, article writing is also an easy and free way to get additional back links to your website. If you have not tried article marketing before, start it today with the biggest player in the market.

Product Assessments- The feedback about the use and benefits of the product either written by you or by your customers is yet another way to put content on your website.

Use Facebook- If you promote your products and services over your Facebook wall, you might increase sales by attracting more traffic towards your website. 

Utilize Twitter- After Facebook, Twitter is another name as social media platform. Here, you can post a tweet about your products and services. Also, you can set up a month’s tweets in just half an hour to be posted gradually.

Utilize YouTube- This is another interesting social media website where you can post videos mentioning the key features of the products and services you are offering.

Combine Social Media Efforts and eNewsletters Together- Once you are done with your set up on social networking websites, you can merge your monthly email blast with your social media platform so that a tweet or a Facebook wall post automatically provides a link to your hosted newsletter.

Submit Quality Stuff to Digg, StumbleUpon and Technocrati- Keep in mind that your social media strategy should also include submission of your best posts to some other social networking websites which include Digg, StumbleUpon and Technorati.

Use Content Management Systems- If you are willing to perform SEO for eCommerce. It is a mandate for you to have one Content Management System or CMS. It makes the tasks of updating products and add content to your website easier.

Create Links in Relation With Your Product Description- Make a link to your products and services by taking a keyword in your product description. This is so because Google loves keyword-rich links.
Avoid Generic Links- Instead of generic links, like for more click here, change it to a link that includes one of your keyphrase, such as “See more mini snowmobiles here”.

Optimize Every Product Image For Effective Web Search- By adding a keyphrase in the textfield of an image, the image will itself draw additional traffic to your eCommerce website.

Use H1 and H2 tags- Heading and sub-heading tags are a must on each webpage of your website alongwith your keyphrase.

Create a List of “Top Sellers”- On your homepage, add a “Top Sellers” list and kepp it updating automatically so that it will be appreciated by search spiders and eventually, generate more trafiic as well as revenue. 

Create Similar List by Category- Similarly, make top sellers'  list on the landing page of each of your most popular categories.

Give People What They Search For- Feature the most frequently searched products prominently on your homepage.

Monitor Your Advancement with Google Analytics- You can’t improve your website's ranking if you do not know how people are responding to it. Therefore, start using Google Analytics to keep a track of your daily performance.

Ask an Expert- The final tip is if you can not improve the SEO on your eCommerce website yourself, find a SEO company which is offering affordable SEO services and hire them. 

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