Responsive Web Design India

A growing number of my customer base is looking for my services on phones and iPads and the responsive solution takes care of all devices in one website

Responsive Web Design India

Ranks India brings your website out of the Stone Age with 'responsive web design'. The concept is quite simple. The same website is used across platforms, be they mobile, tablet or desktop website. We simply make the necessary adjustments to style sheets to make it work seamlessly.

Don't let ever increasing numbers of mobile and tablet users suffer - embrace responsive web design and reap the rewards.
We practice what we preach. Visit different pages on this website on different devices or see what happens when you change the width on your browser.

Responsive Web Design

Make your site mobile and tablet friendly and what your sales grow!

A quick look at your website's analytic will reveal an ever increasing number of smartphone and tablet users. But are those visitors getting an optimal experience when they view your site on those devices? Odds are they're not. They're being asked to view a site designed for desktops and to zoom in on content they cannot read or muddle through navigation that's not tailored to their device.

Make your site responsive

And yet there's a solution at hand that isn't all that hard to implement and can make a significant difference to your site experience and sales. The solution - to make your site responsive so it can adapt to the various devices, browsers and screen sizes that view it on a daily basis.

What's it all about?

Responsive design or Adaptive Web Design requires the creation of custom page templates where style sheet and scripts are externalized to generate a web interface that adjusts with your browser window. In fact, you can see this page 'respond' in real time as you re-size this web page on your screen right now. Notice how the menu bars and images change as you reconfigure the view pane?

How do I make my site responsive?

The easiest way is to contact us. We can add value there and also review your site's structure to make sure your site is search friendly, fully optimized and a pleasure to view on all platforms and devices.

Can I make my website responsive without an expensive redesign?

Yes you can. As responsive web design involves updating the way your website styles are coded, your existing website design can be made responsive with little to no application code changes. Ranks India can help you implement a responsive web design without the need of replacing your existing website. It also doesn't matter what platform or language your website is written. Ranks India can create responsive templates on both PHP and .NET websites.

Responsive web design and WordPress

We often get asked about making WordPress websites responsive. Ranks India can make your existing WordPress template responsive by creating a new responsive theme that can be loaded into WordPress and switched on via your WordPress administration.

Pricing and cost of responsive web design

Pricing is usually calculated at a set price per general page type (usually between 3 & 8 for your typical website). The best way to get a price is to contact us for a quote.

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