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HTML5 Development: The Beginning of a New Era For Website Development

HTML is an abbreviated form of Hyper Text Markup Language. It is essential for developing different types of websites as it is extremely easy to use and understand. The best thing about this markup language is that even though it has rich features and supported by multiple browsers, it is free. This markup language is widely preferred by search engines and is always used in different sites largely.

HTML5 is the latest version of this markup language which has witnessed a quick spread of mouth about its features and capabilities. It is the newest specifications and is widely preferred because it shows brilliant capabilities. This technology is broadly promoted by Google and Mozilla . This is so because it has been suggested by the analysts that the next-gen applications are incredibly responsive and include several enhancements and features.

This new version has certain new syntactical features. In this technology, there is no need of any proprietary plug-ins for extra features since the basic platform will boast of many features. It now has enlisted video support after 5 long years years of intense work while Google's Chrome browser does everything from video tags to video uploads with this new version of Markup language. Internet Explorer 8 also boasts of features influenced by this technology which includes AJAX navigation.

In conclusion, we can say that nobody can predict the future of web development and what type of improvements one would witness in the future, but HTML5 is surely making its presence felt as a technology. It is believed that this technology has an immediate future which is sure to rule the roost. 

However, this must be kept in mind that most of the applications which are developed with the help of new technologies need to get backward support compatible solutions so that it grabs the attention of those users who are using older browsers too. HTML5 development India has excellence in doing the same.

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