Google Penalty Recovery

Google updates got you down? Stuck with a penalty? 

If you’re here, a few things are probably true:

Your Google organic traffic/ranking is slipping;
Your troubles started in April 2012;
You’ve even appealed to Google, and it didn’t work;
You’re feeling a little…desperate.

First: Rest assured, you’re not alone. We’ve heard from a lot of business owners, webmasters and marketers with the same concerns.

Second: We can help. We have been helping big and small organizations convert from risky short-term to smart long-term SEO strategies for over a decade. We can do the same for you: Our Google Recovery Service gets you on the right track and helps you with your Google re-inclusion effort.

A complete evaluation of your site, links and relevant ranking factors.
Suspected penalties, if any, and causes.
Specific link removal recommendations.
A real person, on the phone, working with your team and answering questions.
Help drafting your re-inclusion request, if necessary.
Steps towards a long-term, less-vulnerable SEO strategy.
The steps that we include in our strategy:
High quality back links
Creating articles using comfortable keywords
Analysis links and act accordingly
Suggest you to change the duplicate or poor quality contents.
Follow update guidelines from Google while pruning bad links.
Implement 100% Penguin Friendly Link Building
Weekly work reports until recovery

For more details kindly mail us

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