SEO Penalty Assessment

Google Panda and Penguin Penalty Assessment and Removal Consulting companies about SEO/SEM since 2005

With the advance of Panda and Penguin, a lot of false “seo advertising experts” did huge harm on their clients businesses, so we provide Google Penalty Assessment and recovery.

Your company is hunted by Panda or Penguin? We will protect your website and your business.

Penguin Removal Service
Panda Removal Service
Protecting your site from Panda/Penguin

Reason Behind The Google Penalty 

Link Farms
Hidden Text
Other Don’ts from Google
Number of Ads [High Ads Ratio]
Overlapping Articles or Content
Duplicate Content
Poor Website Layout

Google Penalty Checklist-

Linking to Bad Neighbourhoods
Automated Query Penalty
Over Optimization Penalties
Website Cross Linking & Link Schemes
Keyword Stuffing (Spamming) 
Automated Page Redirects
Link buying or Link Selling Practices
Reciprocal Link Building Campaigns
Content Feeds and I-Frames

Google Webmaster Tools & Guidelines

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