Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hummingbird Recovery

Hummingbird is the newest of the Google process to fight web spam that hit the internet on August 2013. Google has said that “it’s the biggest change in 12 years.” Hummingbird is designed for making searches and queries quicker for customers. With mobile searches increasing, Google, being more of a Symantec engine, says that more users search in questions than in keyword phrases anymore and will depend on Hummingbird to logically figure out what the content is about rather than matching keywords.

So, we are experts at removing and repairing your website to start to be a fruitful web entity that engages new customers and brings opportunities for your websites on social media and other sources.

Hummingbird Recovery Plan
Original, high quality content
High-quality and relevant websites linking
Develop Rich Customer Profiles
Listen To your existing customers
Focus on quality rather than quantity

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