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Your Google + Places Optimization Specialist  The Future of Local Search and You.

Google Places Optimization  a unique SEO service from e-emphasis, is proven to increase the quality & quantity of footfall and website traffic generated by the local business listings on Google, also known as Google Places. 

Google Places represent a largely untapped opportunity for enable businesses to attract relevant search traffic, providing the searching consumer with multi-channel (in store and online) shopping options.

Our Google Places Optimization Service

Our Google Places Optimization service will increase sales for your business by focusing on two key aspects of search engine optimization (SEO).

Increasing the number of appearances (or impressions) of your listing in search by
Improving the position of the listing in relevant search results
Increasing the number of relevant search terms for which the listing appears
Increasing the conversion rate of the listing, measured through the number of clicks (or actions) generated by the listing

Google Places Optimization Prices

We offer three different options for pricing of our Google Places Optimization service.

BY LOCATION, this is based on the number of different listing locations you want optimized and how frequently, ideal for smaller businesses

BY RESOURCE, based on a fixed monthly allowance this is ideal for retail or hospitality chains where the focus of optimization may need to change between the different business locations they operate

PAY PER CLICK, where we use the statistical reporting provided by Google to demonstrate the increase in search traffic we have generated, excluding brand and certain other phrases, where a small amount is charged per click plus a low monthly management fee

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