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We’re going to help you go beyond the “batch and blast” techniques that most companies use for email marketing

Rank India can help you make an impact for your product or service with email marketing. We create beautiful HTML emails for our clients that get results.

Whether you need a weekly or monthly campaign, or just a one time blast, we can create an effective piece that will drive traffic to your site or storefront.

Email marketing is a great tool to keep you at the “top of mind” for your existing customer base.  It’s a great alternative to mass media, allowing you to extend your reach into new untouched markets for  a much smaller investment.  Even more importantly, unlike traditional outlets, it provides measurable results in real-time.

We provide reporting for all relevant campaign statistics such as open rates and click-thru results so you can refine your campaigns and maximize your marketing efforts.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of direct marketing online and uses email to get your message to local consumers about your business.

One of the most personal ways to get your message Rank India can create a video email marketing campaign for your business to get higher conversion rates. We have a propriety method of adding video to email which we have found increases leads for our customers.

How can Email Marketing help my business?

Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with you current customer base. If you collect email addresses from your customers you can send them specials and coupons on a regular basis. There are many forms of Email Marketing and we can help you get started.

Can I track my Email Marketing campaigns?

We never run an Email marketing campaign without tracking it. Using proprietary software, we can see who opened your email and you actually to action. We provide complete metrics on all you Email marketing campaigns. Over 16 years experience using email marketing as a form of lead generation. With our newer video emails you will be amazed at the conversion rates. Meaning, all the new customers!

Who can I send Emails to if I start an Email Marketing campaign?

You can only send Emails to users that have opted into your site. It is illegal to send email blast to random email addresses. With our packages and Facebook fan page packages we include a newsletter form that helps collect email addresses from consumers which in turn now are licensed to receive email from you. We have the experience to get you confirmed opt in subscribers

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